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| '''Uptime (view AND edit)'''
| '''Uptime (view AND edit)'''
| {{Yes|100% or else!}}<br /><small>For Pro and Quantum only, because they pay</small>
| {{Yes|100% or else!}}
| Unknown
| Unknown
| Unknown
| Unknown

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Disclaimer: This information is to the best of MyWikis staff's knowledge.

We truly care for you. Your support ticket could be answered in as little as two minutes. We offer live chat, if two minutes isn't good enough. We've never had a user say our support or our products suck, because they just don't. Many people have complained about Wikia, ShoutWiki, and Wikkii. Referata is operated by one person.

Criteria MyWikis Wikia ShoutWiki Referata Wikkii Orain
User database type Both centralized and decentralized Centralized Decentralized Centralized
True focus Users Profit Unknown Unknown Unknown Users
Customer support Best Okay Better  ? None  ?
Service stability Best Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown May be spotty at times
Free private wikis? Total - separate user tables and full permissions No Limited permissions and centralized user tables Unknown Wikkii.net
but unknown if allowed
Advertisements? Nobody sees, none have, never will have or see Yes
Anonymous users
Yes Unknown Yes No
Paid services? Yes No Yes Yes Unknown No
Automated site creation? No Yes Yes Yes Yes Semi-automatic
Semantic MediaWiki? On request On request Yes Yes Unknown Unknown
Licensing MyWikis License
Based off of CC-BY-SA
CC-BY-SA CC-BY-SA CC-BY-SA CC-BY-SA (or not specified) CC-BY-SA
MediaWiki Version The latest stable version (by default)
WMF releases (the versions that Wikipedia uses) on request
1.19 LTS 1.22 1.19 LTS 1.16 WMF releases (may be unstable)
Uptime (view AND edit) 100% or else! Unknown Unknown Unknown We're getting errors Unknown, known to be spotty at times
Managed solutions? Yes
starting at $15/month for remote management
No Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Secure HTTPS/SSL/TLS offered? Real ones if bought No No No No Yes
WYSIWYG? On request (VisualEditor) Yes Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Servers Great Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown Great
Web server Apache Apache Apache Unknown Apache Nginx
Total points
Positives are 2, partials are 1
32 (Winner) 12 11 11 6 16

Why MyWikis doesn't disappoint

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