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Welcome to MyWikis Central
The center of MyWikis activity.
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  • September 11 - We have disabled CloudFlare on our MAIN website ONLY so we could support HTTPS. More info: CloudFlare and HTTPS.
  • September 3 - Active wikis were upgraded from 1.21.1 to 1.21.2, a security update.
  • August 21 - MyWikis Holdings announces the acquisition of HostingAmerica.
  • August 14 - We've added MyWikis Ask, the Q&A platform for you to use. Visit now.
  • August 4 - MyWikis Holdings announces the acquisition of Host4Free.
  • August 4 - Tech staff add Memcached and other performance-boosting options.
  • August 3 - MyWikis is acquired by MyWikis Holdings.
  • July 30 - Social login is now supported with Google only. We explain why.

Welcome to MyWikis Central
Willkommen auf MyWikis Zentral
Bienvenido a la communitidad MyWikis

MyWikis Central is the main area of discussion and a technical hub for our staff to work in.

Please feel free to explore around the wiki and our network of public wikis.