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MyWikis Holdings is the holding company of MyWikis and other assets on the web. It was created to expand our web portfolio (basically, the ability to acquire other companies). Although MyWikis was technically acquired by another company, (and we made a pledge not to be acquired by other companies) MyWikis Holdings is simply a new company ran by the same people.

Next release of new stock: December. DONE.


  • MyWikis [Wiki hosting] (,
  • NewSumeria [Bukkit Minecraft server] (
  • KidsVale [Children's website] (
  • Host4Free {closed} [Website hosting] (
  • HostingAmerica [Website hosting] (,


Staff members
Name Position at MyWikis Holdings Position at MyWikis Number of shares Stake
Jeffrey Wang President of the Board, CEO, COO, and CTO of MyWikis Holdings CEO and CTO 220 55%
Jarod Norwood Member of the Board, CFO of MyWikis Holdings CFO and Community Liaison 130 32.5%
Non-bought shares SELLING AT: $6.68/each stock Contact: Jeffrey Wang for more info 50 12.5%