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MyWikis is providing quality, dedicated VPN services starting at $2/mo. It's perfect for accessing your wiki when it's blocked! Here's how it works: * Join the cluster for $2/mo (no yearly pricing)

  • Get your own dedicated IPv4 address AND 16 IPv6 addresses PLUS your own server for only $30/yr (no monthly pricing) ** Choose from three locations! ==UNIQ--h-0--QINU Plans == ===UNIQ--h-1--QINU Cluster === * 2 locations, Dallas (megabit) (5 spots left) and Seattle (gigabit) (20 spots left) * Shared IPv4 address * 50GB bandwidth limit, going over results in disabling of service for month ===UNIQ--h-2--QINU Dedicated === * 3 gigabit locations, Seattle, Atlanta, and the Netherlands * Dedicated IPv4 address * 16 dedicated IPv6 addresses ($5 IPv6 activation fee)
  • 1000GB bandwidth limit, more bandwidth is $6 per 1000GBs per month
  • If bandwidth exceeded, VPN immediately stops working and you will have to contact MyWikis VPN staff.

Get them!

To get them please create a support thread (using the TSS) with the VPN service you'd like at