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Thank you for visiting our news page today. This may be preliminary, so do not count on this page 100%.

Profits in 2nd quarter

Our profits have soared to cover our essential costs required to run MyWikis. This means we may have enough money to purchase a unique IP and SSL/TLS certificate, but of course, stockholders must all approve first.

Social login

We plan to install social login on to MyWikis. As we investigate errors and fix mistakes between MyWikis's site and Google's OAuth 2.0 servers, please be patient. The reason we are not using Facebook is because we are not about "socializing" like Wikia is. We like old fashioned, straight-to-the-point wikis. Facebook is also very complicated and we believe they require us to host an entire app on Facebook just to log in! Ridiculous! In fact, I personally hate calling Google login "social login", but this is preserved for marketing purposes. A more appropriate name, however, would probably be RemoteAuth Login (the exact opposite to CentralAuth? :P), but nobody would know what that means. All in all, we are trying our best to investigate the best remote authentication login method so we can have connected accounts. I'm personally excited for Google integration. Let us know your opinions in the Discussion tab above.

--Jeff (talk) <staff/> 00:49, 29 July 2013 (CDT)

MyWikis COO and CTO

A proposal to investors

Hello, At MyWikis, we have been in operation for over a year. During this time, we have established ourselves as a premium service provider, giving only the best to the people who need it, without ads, and without limits. Now, we have a proposal to lower prices so our customers may fully enjoy the prices that were meant to be. We will continue investigating in this.

  • Use Wild West Domains/GoDaddy's DNS and domain services
  • Lower true prices of domains from $12 to $9.
  • Lower true prices of SSL certificates from $42 to $29.
  • Lower profits by $10 for each customer

Changes to business plan

If set in action, these changes would need to be made:

  • A free domain with a year's worth of paid services.
  • Free email addresses with a year's worth of paid services.
  • DNS transfer to GoDaddy.
  • Lower the upfront cost of domains and SSL.


  • We lose premium hosting from [REDACTED].
  • We lose free emails.

Regards, Jeffrey Wang MyWikis COO and CTO